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Start a Business

We’ve been there, we get it.

After all, we are a small business and so we know how exciting, nerve-racking, frustrating and rewarding starting a business can be. One of the most important times for a small business to have adequate funding is at the start and one of the most important ongoing relationships a business owner can have is a Finance Manager. That’s exactly what we are here for.

Let’s help get your business started

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How we can help start-ups

There are different strategies available that can give you the cash you need to get going. We like to spend time getting to know you and your vision for your business so we can identify your options and provide some guidance towards completing a business plan if necessary. We’ll then work with you, your Accountant and our lenders to get the loan products that can launch your business successfully.

While there is no specific ‘Start-Up Loan’ as such, there are different sorts of financing that you can use and we can arrange for the purpose of getting your business up and running.

Credit Cards

A personal credit card is a simple way to cover start-up costs before you even open for business. Once you get going, your business can repay the balance.

Equipment and Vehicle Loans

Many businesses need vital equipment to begin. The advantage of these types of loan is you don’t necessarily have to show a trading history, as the value of the equipment becomes security for the loan.

Personal Loans

This is an option to get some working capital to begin with, which doesn’t require the equity in your home as security, and can be paid back by your business.

Property Loans

If there’s equity in a residential or commercial property you can potentially borrow up to 80% of its value.

Business Loans

This is more of a conventional loan, which usually requires you to use a large asset like your home as security.

Micro Business Loans

This is like the more standard Business Loan, except that the smaller amount requires something much smaller than a home as equity, like a car.

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