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Equipment and vehicle finance

Equipment Finance, or Asset Finance which it is also known, is vital for businesses that need to get their hands on the equipment to help them grow, while still maintaining the all- important cash flow and working capital.

Chattel Mortgage or Finance Lease?

The two main types of Equipment finance are a Chattel Mortgage or a Finance Lease.

With a Chattel Mortgage, the equipment belongs to you from the beginning and the lender has a ‘charge’ over the equipment that secures the loan until the final payment is made. A major benefit is that you can claim the GST on the purchase on your next BAS claim.

A Finance Lease allows you to purchase a vehicle or equipment and enjoy the usual benefits of ownership, but the financier is technically still the owner. At the end of the lease you are not committed to buying the vehicle and can return it at the end of the term. You may then decide to obtain the latest model car or equipment with a brand new lease.

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How equipment finance can help your business

Choosing the right equipment finance gives you a lot more benefits than simply preserving your day-to-day funds:
  • Equipment can generate immediate income.
  • Equipment can generate immediate income.
  • A pre-approved line-of-credit means you have money in your back pocket ready for when you need it.
  • Unsecured loans so you don’t have to put your house on the line.
  • Plus many potential tax advantages to make the most of.
We’ll help you work out which finance is right for your business, and then we work and negotiate with the lenders on your behalf to get you the most competitive deal.

What can I finance?

Almost any plant or equipment that can help generate income for your business can usually be financed. Some common examples are:
  • Motor vehicles
  • Trucks, trailers, buses and other commercial vehicles
  • Earthmoving equipment
  • Industrial Plant equipment & machinery
  • Agricultural & Farm equipment
  • Restaurant and hospitality equipment
  • Healthcare, Medical & Scientific equipment
  • Computers, Office & IT equipment
  • Engineering equipment
  • Aircraft and Marine vessels

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